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Homeland Security

Get more facts about Covid-19, and other US safety concerns by staying up to date from the Department of Homeland Security Website.


Is A Part Of The Infragard Network

APB is a member of the FBI's Infragard intelligence sharing network.


We Love Our Country

It is our goal to help everyone learn to be safe during today's many challenges.
We Are Here For

For Healthcare

APB is proud to help doctors, nurses and everyone dedicated to the medical profession be safe to do their jobs.

We Are Here For

For Education

APB is proud to help teachers, staff and everyone dedicated to the education profession be safe to do their jobs.

We Are Here For
APB is dedicated to keeping banks, all businesses and every institution safe.
We Are Here For

For Banks And All Businesses

APB is dedicated to keeping banks, all businesses and every institution safe.






Let Us Help You Assess Your Facility

Apb has the best facility threat assessment options!

APB has the most experienced team in the facility threat assessment industry.  With over a century’s worth of combined Law Enforcement and Military experience, we provide our clients with assessments that meet and exceed any standard.  We also offer more options than our competitors with our Patent Pending products which include our Facility Threat Assessment, Scorecard and Field Assessment APP.

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The Apb Difference

proud member of the Better Business Bureau

Buy your online training here today and learn to stay safe and be prepared!

Proud Of Our Woman Ownership

APB's diverse ownership allows us to create great products for all of our customers. We are dedicated to reaching out to everyone to be safe.!

Veteran / Le Ownership

APB's owners include members that are military and law enforcement veterans who are considered experts in their fields. We work with the best to keep our customers safe.

APB is law enforcement’s broadest communication code.  It stands for “All Points Bulletin” which means that it is an alert to everyone in the pubic safety network.  At APB we have built a diverse team of experts and products to get the word out to EVERYONE so they are better informed, better trained and have the right tools to BE PREPARED to stay safe.

APB Team Asks You To

Be Prepared

It is important in today’s day and age to be aware of your surroundings. The reality of the risks around all of us are real.


Apb's Think Safe Community

Our team is working hard to help you "Be prepared"

Welcome to APB’s Think Safe Community. This area is designed to offer safety related information for recent and historical events around the world. Press one of the options below and learn more today.