Violence in the work place takes on many forms, and is an ever-growing presence in our communities. Hospitals, schools, churches, and office buildings are more susceptible to violence now more than ever before. In 2014, 4,679 fatal workplace injuries were reported, and as reported by the National Center for Victims of Crime, 26.3% of all workplace homicide victims worked in the sales or retail industry. While those numbers are staggering, they continue to grow at alarming rates. Employers as well as employees far too often have the “it won’t happen here” mentality. APB’s Workplace Violence prevention and Response is designed to provide you and your employees with the skills necessary to recognize the early warning signs of troubled co-workers and customers, as well as provide valuable training that could save lives during scenarios such as an active shooter.

Have you trained your employees?

Have you reduced your liability?

Are you prepared?

APB’s instructors are highly skilled, and have a strong background in law enforcement and tactical operations. They will assist your company by preparing management, and employees, who could find themselves facing a potentially life-threatening altercation by providing essential training, as well as plans of action that can save lives and assist responding law enforcement. Your preparation can be the difference that saves a life. This training will provide you and your employees with the guidance and confidence to remain calm and, if necessary, take immediate lifesaving action. What is your Plan?!

*Additional topics in this course include negligent retention, premises liability, and what to report to law enforcement. APB Consulting Solutions, LLC is fully licensed and insured.