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Your training will be broken up into three separate Lessons / Episodes.  They will each provide a training video and a communication link for questions on that specific topic.  Each topic will be available for 30-days before the next course appears.  The start date will be posted for each Lesson / Episode.  This is designed to allow everyone time to train at the same pace.  Once the 90-day training period is over, the courses will remain available for review for the remainder of the year.   

Meet you instructor, Todd Phillips.  Press the photo to access his bio.

Lesson 1 / Episode 1

The history of gangs.  In this short (20-minute) video, I will help you understand the history of gangs.  I hope you find it interesting and educational.  


Initial Zoom Meeting

History Discussion

Kentucky Gangs Discussion

Responding To Gangs Discussion

Final Zoom Meeting

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