Todd Phillips is a veteran Sergeant with the Lexington Police Department.  Prior to becoming a police officer with the Lexington Police, Todd was a business owner with multiple businesses in the states of Kentucky and Texas. 

In March of 2004, Todd was accepted into the Lexington Police Academy. Upon graduating from the academy, Officer Phillips quickly identified his passion for combating criminal street gangs.  Todd began focusing his individual efforts on gang members committing crimes in his beat. By 2006, Todd was awarded a new position within his agency in a pro-active policing unit and within a few months of being selected to the unit, was named his agency’s first Gang Resource Officer. From 2006 to 2011 Todd was involved in the collection of intelligence on gangs and started by documenting his street contacts on field interviews. During this timeframe Todd was involved in hundreds of arrests on gang members and collected intel that assisted in hundreds of cases.

In November 2011, Todd was promoted to the position of Sergeant and by the first quarter of 2012, Todd had been reassigned back to the pro-active policing unit where he was named the Sergeant over the Gang Resource program.  As the Sergeant, Todd built off of the progress he had previously made, and worked closely with the Intelligence unit to build the department’s criminal gang database.  He also worked to develop each of the Gang Resource Officers into court experts so they could strengthen their ability to testify on matters related to gang members involved in crime. This involved the development of a gang validation process, and established recognized “best practices” surrounding presenting evidence related to gang member validations. As a result of the work performed by Todd and his Officers, his agency created their first ever full time Gang Unit where Todd still serves as a Sergeant to date.

Todd has invested a great deal of time as an Officer and Sergeant into his training; both in receiving training and providing training.  Todd is a Kentucky Law Enforcement Council-certified instructor and has attended numerous gang training seminars and conferences throughout the United States allowing him to develop and deliver numerous in-service trainings on gangs for the entire Lexington Police Department, members of Fayette County School Law Enforcement and a portion of Kentucky State Police Personnel. Todd has also provided non-certified training to Frankfort PD, Versailles PD, Lawrenceburg PD, Anderson County Sheriff’s Dept., Fayette County Detention Center, Franklin County Detention Center, Louisville PD, Spurr Road Juvenile Detention Center as well as other Juvenile Justice Detention Centers around the state of Kentucky. Todd has also developed curriculum and trained multiple community groups and schools to include:  a portion of the Fayette County Schools, members of Woodford County Schools, various churches, AARP members, Baptist Health Nurses, Kiwanis Club, Job Corp, Citizens Police Academy, Georgetown College, Asbury College and other various citizens groups.  To date Todd and his curriculum has been used to teach over 7,800 students.

Todd has experience in drafting policy and legislation that focuses on community safety.  He has been a part of authoring multiple responses to gang crimes within his policing agency since he began working as a gang investigator.  In 2018, Todd worked closely with F.O.P. President Jason Rothermund and Kentucky Representative Robert Benvenuti to successfully introduce legislation that addressed gang related crime.  The bill was successfully passed and signed into law.  

Todd is working on his second decade of proven, firsthand experience in dealing directly with gang involved crime. Todd’s mission on learning about and combatting gang crimes continues today driving his passion to pass what he learns with his experiences onto students in training through the courses he develops with his partners in APB Consulting Solutions.