The Pandemic vs. Gym Owners

The Pandemic vs. Gym Owners

Gyms across the country have struggled to adapt their business to COVID mandates and protocols which have closed establishments and in some places, such as New Jersey, sanctioned and arrested the owners for opening their facility. Jason Laine has developed a way to not only remain a successful gym owner, but grow awareness inside the walls of his facility and then extend those services throughout the Greater Cincinnati area. Today Scott speaks with Jason on his strategy for pushing through the pandemic obstacles and providing a business to the community centered on family, support, diversity, and fitness.

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Jason Laine bio:
By trade Mr. Laine is a mechanical engineer and the owner of Vision MMA and Training Center located in Cincinnati, OH. Jason is a certified functional fitness trainer with 10 years of personal and group fitness training instruction and 5 years of mixed martial arts experience. Jason has played and coached baseball, football, and basketball at competitive levels. He has also competed in amateur kickboxing competition. Jason is the founder of the Kombat Fitness program, bringing aspects of combat training into an exceptional fitness program.