Situational Awareness


With today’s daily dangers, are you prepared?  Currently public threats are vast and broad.  The rise of random public violence, international and national terrorism, violent criminal acts, and everyday threats have made living and working stressful for most Americans.  APB’s situational awareness course is designed to help alleviate that stress!  Our Situational Awareness course will prepare students to identify threats ranging from things such as:  agitated persons, armed persons, environmental hazards, dangerous practices, how to react when CHAOS ensues, and what to expect when Law Enforcement responds.  This course is designed to teach our students how to avoid these threats by learning indicators, being aware, and assessing safety options.  Our instructors will teach students our patented S.A.M. and R.A.H.L.F. models, which are designed to maximize one’s chances to SURVIVE!  This course is designed for everyone to include those in any workplace or individuals in everyday settings.


Are you prepared?


APB’s instructors are highly skilled, and have a strong background in law enforcement, and tactical operations.  We will assist you and your fellow co-workers, friends and family who could find themselves facing a potentially life-threatening altercation by providing essential training, as well as plans of action that can save lives, and assist responding law enforcement. Your preparation can be the difference that saves a life. This training will provide you, your co-workers, friends and family with the guidance and confidence to remain calm, and if necessary take immediate lifesaving action. What is your Plan?