• Let APB Provide

    Your Safety Team Training

    Safety Team training brings key staff members together and shows them how to operate effectively before, during and after an emergency. Functional teams within an organization improves effective communication and empowers individuals.

  • Multi-step

    Comprehensive safety training

    Imagine training sessions that are developed from extensive law enforcement, military and homeland security experience. Training sessions that are appealing, engaging and immersive as to encourage team building and thought provocation.

  • In-depth and immersive training

    APB's Survive Your Environment training is immersive and places employees in real-world scenarios within their normal working environment, better preparing them to respond to emergencies.

  • Full Suite of Safety Training

    APB offers a full suite of safety training for your staff to learn how to respond to an emergency situation. We will train your staff to use situational awareness, verbal de-escalation and to function as a team in response to active aggression.

Safety Teams

About Our Training Team

About Our Training Team

APB's diverse team of professionals has over 100 years of combined Military, Homeland Security and Law Enforcement experience. We leverage all that experience to create an innovative training experience.

Our Training

Our Training

Contact APB today and we will immediately begin working to provide you with the best training available to improve the safety and security of your organization.

Safety Products

Safety Products

APB provides a full line of safety equipment to complement our training and improve team response during an emergency.