RAHLF is APB’s mascot for keeping you safe with today’s threat of workplace violence!  RAHLF is the older brother of SAM, our Situational Awareness Mascot, and has the mission of helping you remember how to be prepared to stay alive and stay safe.  When you see RAHLF and his little brother SAM, they should always act as a reminder that TRAINING = SURVIVAL!  And that in order to survive today’s growing trends towards public violence, you must take time to train with APB and follow our proven safety practices.

RAHLF is an acronym for APB’s response to an active aggressor.  Designed as an all inclusive response to survive, the letters in RAHLF’s name are acronyms for strategic options for everyone, to include those that are healthy and capable of fight or flight type responses during  emergencies; to those that are elderly or disabled and unable to perform those same stringent physical responses.  The acronym in RAHLF’s name stands for RUN, ASSESS, HIDE, LOCK DOORS and FIGHT.  Here at APB we are confident that RAHLF saves lives.

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