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A4 – First Aid During a Crisis




APB’S Providing First Aid In A Crisis course is a support class for our safety partners that purchase APB’s Gun Shot Trauma Kit.  This course is offered with the purchase of the GSTK, or on a student by student basis for those wanting to learn how to use the life saving tools in APB’s Gun Shot Trauma Kit.  Along with this course, APB will provide the student with one of its life saving gun shot trauma kits (GSK).  Keep those around you safe in an emergency and take your class today!


  • The student will recognize the contents of the APB Gunshot Trauma Kit (GSTK).
  • The student will understand how to use the contents of the GSTK in an emergency.
  • The student will have a working knowledge of treating an injured person using the contents of the GSTK. 
  • APB will mail the student one of its life saving gun shot trauma kits (GSTK).  


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