Welcome to APB's account creation page

It is very important to follow the registration instructions so you can access the correct training portal.  Make sure to read all of the directions first, then complete the registration.

  1. After reading all of the instructions, go down the the registration button below.  It will be at the bottom of the login box examples below and will be in all caps; REGISTRATION. 
  2. After pressing the link you bill taken to the “Register For This Site” page.  Make sure to use your email address for your username.  You will enter it twice.  
  3. After you receive the email confirmation, create a password.  
  4. Once your password is created, LOGOUT.  You can do this in the top right of the main page, or using any of the drop downs under the LOGIN MENU. 
  5. Then, from the main page, choose your training support portal as shown on the right, then login. 
  6. Note:  Once you are logged in to your correct drop down, you will have to use the secondary factor password in the email sent to you by your rep to access the portal.  This feature is for added security.  From this point on, you will use the drop down login to the right of the main page and enter that secondary password to access your portal.   

Let's begin, create your account below!

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