Introduction To Gangs


Does your job involve working with gang members, but have NO idea what that means?  Then APB’s Introduction to Gangs is the course for you.  This course is designed for the everyday citizen, whether used in the workplace or to promote learning for help groups working in high risk communities; this class will help you succeed.  Introduction to Gangs was built by Sergeant Todd Phillips, who has spent almost his entire Law Enforcement career successfully combating gangs.  Todd’s experience ranges from being the first Gang Officer at his agency to becoming the Sergeant in charge of his agency’s first Gang Unit.  APB’s instructors will discuss the evolution of gangs, why gangs form, basic gang identifiers, dangers with gangs, and best practices when dealing with gangs.  We will also teach how gangs recruit youth and at risk persons in order to coerce them into committing crimes to benefit the gang.  This course will give you the information you need whether it’s for your job, your personal mission or simply to be aware of potential threats because you want to be safe.


Course Topic / Sales Points:

  • Understanding when gangs began (OFCH) Overcoming false claims and hype

  • Learn about the evolution of gangs

  • Learn how and why gangs recruit (It’s not just delinquent behavior, there’s more)

  • Learn about basic gang indicators

  • Understanding the dangers of gangs (Peer pressure on steroids)

Owner / Instructor Todd Phillips