Police officers can have a significant impact on crime and violence in their area by applying basic proactive strategies in areas impacted by elevated levels of crime. This course has been designed by APB instructors with over 30 years of combined experience in the application of such proactive strategies within various units such as Patrol, Narcotics Enforcement, and Gang Resource Units. APB’s instructors will show each student how to use everyday opportunities to prevent crime and articulate cases. This course will cover topics such as: APB’s Introduction to Gangs, Identifying Armed Persons, Effective Searches, and Winning Strategies for Court.  Our instructors will teach students the “Art of Articulation” so that they can effectively articulate facts from documentation, to court room testimony. This course is designed for Officers on all skill levels, and specialized units tasked with impacting patterns of criminal activity. This is a two day course that will be a combination of classroom instruction and practical exercises.