Chris Russell began his professional career in 1992 when he joined the United States Army.  Mr. Russell received over 10 months of training in Satellite theory, RF communications, and basic electronics before being assigned as a Satellite Communications Systems Repairer .  Mr. Russell then returned for six months of additional Satellite Theory, and advanced RF communications training and was then assigned to United States Army Space Command as a Satellite Controller.  Mr. Russell left the Army in 1998 and began working as a satellite controller for low earth orbit satellites and the associated data networks.  In 1999 he was promoted to the Manager of Data Network operations with the responsibility of monitoring and improving the global data infrastructure.  Mr. Russell then in November of 2000 moved to Price Interactive and built their Operations group.  Price Interactive was an automated speech provider that maintained data centers in four separate locations across the country.

In March of 2004 Mr. Russell left to follow his goal of becoming a Police Detective.  Mr. Russell served 10 years as a Special Victims Section Detective focusing on Vulnerable and Elder Abuse Investigations.  Mr. Russell worked a variety of cases which included financial fraud, scams, and assaults.  Mr. Russell was recognized as the Detective of the year for the Commonwealth Attorney’s office in 2011, Detective of the year for the Police Department in 2015, National Association of Police Officers award in 2015, and he was twice named the Fayette County Elder Abuse Prevention Council’s person of the year.  Mr. Russell then in 2016 began working with the Intelligence unit of the Police Department and due to his background he was tasked with managing the data infrastructure, and he was assigned high profile cases of cyber threats towards businesses or public officials.  Mr. Russell was also responsible for establishing the unit’s ability to monitor for threats on the dark web and social media.  Mr. Russell retired in June of 2020 and immediately joined APB Consulting Solutions.  Mr. Russell believes it is more important than ever for citizens to be aware of the threats around them and to be able to react to those threats to protect both themselves and their families.