(EVENT: NOVEMBER 2018) Certainly, an angry spouse or partner showing up at the workplace is an unpredictable event. Or is it? Do you have a reporting method for employees to confidentially express problems at home centered around domestic violence? As an employer I highly encourage you to consider this step a viable option in preventing an unwelcome partner from entering the facility.

The legal section of a business needs to be involved in the creation of this reporting process to ensure the company maintains a strong legal standing for their actions towards the opposing party of their employee. By utilizing a confidential reporting system specifically for domestic problems, you gain information which will assist you in mitigating a potential and unwelcome problem at your organization. More importantly this has the potential of relieving unnecessary stress from your employee while they are working and preserving a safe and secure environment for other employees unaware of the issue.

Mercy Hospital and Medical Center.  Photo credit:  Chicago Center


About the author:
Scott O’Brien is the Director of Operations at APB Consulting Solutions. To read his bio click HERE