Analyze IT: Rite Aid Distribution Center

(EVENT: SEPTEMBER 2018) Waiting to report indicators of potential violence is without question a regrettable decision for those who may have prevented disaster by merely sharing information. Time and time again as we reflect and examine active aggressor incidents we see where officials uncover someone close to the aggressor who witnessed the behavior and chose… Read more »

Analyze IT: Christchurch mosque shootings

(EVENT MARCH 2019) If I told you that one week from today your house of worship, business, or school would fall victim to an active shooter attack, how would you respond? I’m certain measures would be initiated to close for the day eliminating the possibility of someone’s untimely injury or death. By closing you have… Read more »

Analyze IT: Borderline Bar and Grill

(EVENT: NOVEMBER 2018) Public venues using event security requires a re-evaluation of standards. If you employ a security staff or hire an agency to oversee safety measures are you identifying TRAINING as the single most important aspect of the staff or agencies employment criteria? Simply placing individuals in wind-breaker jackets identifying them in bright bold… Read more »

Analyze IT: Henry Pratt Co.

(EVENT: FEBRUARY 2019) If you are a supervisor, human resources employee, or member of a safety team I encourage you to analyze your processes involving termination meetings.  Failing to incorporate the same attention and evaluation for improving these procedures may result in a security breech. Employees facing termination proceedings can become emotionally volatile and unpredictable. … Read more »

Analyze IT: Fifth Third Bank

(EVENT: SEPTEMBER 2018) Setting your organizations security measures to the optimum level rather than utilizing “band aide protocols” to protect the lives of employees needs to be continually on the mind of security directors. Professional security is evolving daily. Directors and security staff must analyze active aggressor tactics and techniques evaluating the actions against their… Read more »

Analyze IT: Return to Santa Fe High School

(EVENT: MAY 2018) Many years ago, a character named Smokey The Bear instructed elementary school aged children around the country on the importance of recognizing and escaping fire.  Three safety principles were employed to the children regarding fire, STOP, DROP, and ROLE. Smokey The Bear didn’t emphasize only STOP or DROP; but rather used all… Read more »

Analyze IT: Capital Gazette

(EVENT: JUNE 2018) Taking a threat lightly or assuming a risk has lapsed over time is a grave mistake. Not all grievances are time sensitive. Holistic security places preventive measures to stop a violent encounter before it can to grow. Even then, measures must be taken to examine the possibility of numerous types of aggressive… Read more »

Analyze IT: House of Parliament vehicle attack

(EVENT: AUGUST 2018) Have you considered an active aggressor committing a mass gathering attack using a vehicle rather than a firearm? Vehicles are unassuming and part of our societies make up and structure. How many times have you attended an event and looked-for high-speed avenues of approach which may be used by an attacker and… Read more »

Analyze IT: The Tree of Life Synagogue

(EVENT: OCTOBER 2018) Places of worship struggle to incorporate a warm and welcoming environment for members and guest while at the same time ensuring the facility is safe and secure without portraying an uninviting image to the public. Some are more equipped than others to maintain this balance. Regardless of the size, each house of… Read more »

Analyze IT: Jacksonville Landing

(EVENT: AUGUST 2018) Are you incorporating adequate security for a public event? Are you looking for potential hazardous scenarios and equipping your staff and facility with the proper measures for slowing down and or stopping the threat?  Can you isolate the threat while waiting for law enforcement to arrive? Planning involves anticipation of possible scenarios… Read more »