Analyze IT: Understanding the R.A.H.L.F. Model: FIGHT

(EVENT: APRIL-MAY 2019) How will you react during a crisis incident? What decisions will you make to enhance your safety and the security of others? Most individuals will assume they know the answer to these questions; however, it is difficult to truly understand how you or anyone else around you will react in the face… Read more »

Analyze IT: The Attacks Against Religious Institutions

(EVENTS: OCTOBER 2018- APRIL 2019) Paying close attention to rhetoric spoken or written by individuals for promoting hate and discord among their audience should become a part of security procedures for identifying potential threats to an organization. Consistently overt and aggressive opinions, though protected by free speech, remain a potential indicator, particularly if the speech… Read more »

Analyze IT: The Sri Lanka Attacks

(EVENT: April 2019) It’s tragic when human life is lost as a result of hate and bias. What’s even more tragic is the loss of human life when critical information is not shared and disseminated in the proper format. Information is and always will be a lifesaving tool if used properly. Effective communication skills must… Read more »

Analyze IT: Los Angeles area bike riding aggressor

(EVENT: MARCH-APRIL 2019) Always be aware of who is approaching your “personal space”. Society spends an unnecessary amount of time with heads in the downward position reading their electronic devices. Complaisant actions from organizations and individuals have increased a would-be attackers’ chances of success by our own mistakes and apathy towards situational awareness. Situational awareness… Read more »

Analyze IT: Pacific Gas & Electric’s Metcalf transmission substation

(EVENT: APRIL 2013) As a security director, security officer, or concerned employee do you considered thinking “outside of the box” regarding potential attacks which could occur at your facility? Security analysis is incomplete if only “likely methods of attack” are identified and examined for mitigation. Aggressive acts may come in various forms and not fall… Read more »

Analyze IT: Greenfield Water Reclamation Plant

(EVENT: APRIL 2011) Areas deemed as critical infrastructure are vital to the public and must undergo a critical examination for vulnerabilities and gaps in potential sabotage and other criminal activity. This examination not only looks for the outside threats and hazards but internal ones as well. Grave conditions caused by criminal acts at facilities such… Read more »

Analyze IT: Route 91 Harvest Music Festival

(EVENT: OCTOBER 2017) When you attend a large entertainment venue how situationally aware are you of the surroundings and the people nearby?  Crisis situations occurring during a large event have the potential for causing confusion, hesitation, and clouded judgement among attendees. A wise practice for anyone in attendance to these large events would be to… Read more »

Analyze IT: University of Cincinnati Medical Center

(EVENT: DECEMBER 2017) In many cases the overall seriousness of a company’s security can be outlined by simply evaluating the main entrance. Little to no security upgrades in the entrance typically means a weak security system throughout the building. This is more common in buildings leasing space to various businesses all occupying the structure. Hardened… Read more »

Analyze IT: Mercy Hospital and Medical Center

(EVENT: NOVEMBER 2018) Certainly, an angry spouse or partner showing up at the workplace is an unpredictable event. Or is it? Do you have a reporting method for employees to confidentially express problems at home centered around domestic violence? As an employer I highly encourage you to consider this step a viable option in preventing… Read more »