Emergency Bleeding Control

APB offers these products for your safety along with training solutions whether online or in-person.  

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The world has become a more dangerous place.  Because of this, retailers and other businesses are having to prepare to protect their employees, staff and customers from increasing potential hazards.  The days of simply having a fire extinguisher on the wall, and a small first aid kit are quickly becoming a thing of the past.  Because of large active shooter payouts and claims related to aggressors in the workplace, retailers and businesses of every type are having to quickly develop training and solutions to prepare for these risks to protect their brand from undo harm.  Based on significant lawsuit payouts by retailers, hotels, schools, and businesses of all types related to active aggressors harming people at their locations, society has clearly shown they expect retailers to have solutions to help them when emergencies occur.  At APB, we are here to help you prepare and respond to that expectation when tragedy occurs.  Our team of specialized first responders and military professionals has created a series of detailed active aggressor training programs and strategic emergency medical kits that retailers can install at each of their locations to show they are prepared.  At APB we take pride in our solutions being well thought out by experienced practitioners in the field and being cost effective for businesses to implement throughout their entire retail footprint.  Let APB help you be prepared when emergencies occur.  Protect your employees, staff and customers and mitigate harm to your business by having the right solutions!