Analyze IT: University of Cincinnati Medical Center

Analyze IT: University of Cincinnati Medical Center

Shooter exiting the main entrance of the psychiatric emergency services wing of the hospital
Photo credit: WCPO 9 News

(EVENT: DECEMBER 2017) In many cases the overall seriousness of a company’s security can be outlined by simply evaluating the main entrance. Little to no security upgrades in the entrance typically means a weak security system throughout the building. This is more common in buildings leasing space to various businesses all occupying the structure. Hardened security measures do not necessarily require a “Fort Knox” image.

Never allow a potential active aggressor to gain access into your building without being stopped or slowed by security barriers. A secure facility incorporates what is essential for safety and security while meeting the expectation of a warm and welcoming environment. If you’re not sure how to approach such a concept contact us at APB for assistance.

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