Analyze IT: The Tree of Life Synagogue

Analyze IT: The Tree of Life Synagogue

(EVENT: OCTOBER 2018) Places of worship struggle to incorporate a warm and welcoming environment for members and guest while at the same time ensuring the facility is safe and secure without portraying an uninviting image to the public. Some are more equipped than others to maintain this balance. Regardless of the size, each house of worship needs to consider ways to identify threatening conduct.

There are multiple tools used for recognizing concerning behaviors. Examining social media posts, collaborative information sharing with law enforcement, and on-site observation training. Learning to employ these techniques aides in the overall approach to creating a safe setting for worship.

Approaching facility security with purposeful intention requires the commitment of continual training for staff and volunteers, developing a safety team to identify threats (social media, shared information, etc.), and facility threat assessments conducted to close the gaps in your security.  Contact APB to help you meet and exceed these standards of safety. Call us today!

Memorial outside the Tree of Life synagogue
Photo credit: USA Today


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