Analyze IT: Return to Santa Fe High School

Analyze IT: Return to Santa Fe High School

SWAT officers outside Santa Fe High School
Photo credit: CNN
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(EVENT: MAY 2018) Many years ago, a character named Smokey The Bear instructed elementary school aged children around the country on the importance of recognizing and escaping fire.  Three safety principles were employed to the children regarding fire, STOP, DROP, and ROLE. Smokey The Bear didn’t emphasize only STOP or DROP; but rather used all three together as the key points to escaping the dangers of fire.

School safety and security has three parts, yet analysis demonstrates only one or two are adequately utilized. The three parts of a holistic security program are ANALYSIS, STRUCTURAL UPGRADES, and REACTIONARY TRAINING. Often times, security protocols focus most of their energy on the reactionary training (when the shooting starts), then later add in a few structural upgrades (cameras, access control, and alerts) and hope for the best.

Holistic security encompasses the equal and relational function of all three elements to successfully slow and or stop an attacker. Teams must be formed and trained for developing the skill sets involved in these critical dimensions of security.  The three work as one fortified system of defense for ensuring everyone’s safety.

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