Analyze IT: New Mexico Training Compound

Analyze IT: New Mexico Training Compound

(EVENT: AUGUST 2018) There are significant threats developing around us. Groups and individuals with a goal of imposing serious bodily injury and death on innocent people exist. In most cases they act aggressively merely for the purpose of imposing ideology, they have a personal vendetta, or in their mind created a self-justified plan of retaliation. Aggressors are looking for an opportunity to initiate hostile actions on society.  If you disagree, I would encourage you to remove your blinders and start your research. No one desires to live a life filled with paranoia. So rather than paranoia develop skills in observation and awareness.

Misconceptions such as “I live in a safe neighborhood” or “That would never happen to me” opens the mindset of being naive rather than observant.  Understandably not all threats are easily discovered however research an analysis has shown us that most threats produce “red flags”.  Situational awareness skills increase the ability for identifying dangerous indicators.(EVENT: AUGUST 2018) Compound raided by the FBI.

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