Analyze IT: Jacksonville Landing

Analyze IT: Jacksonville Landing

Jacksonville Landing
Photo credit: New York Times

(EVENT: AUGUST 2018) Are you incorporating adequate security for a public event? Are you looking for potential hazardous scenarios and equipping your staff and facility with the proper measures for slowing down and or stopping the threat?  Can you isolate the threat while waiting for law enforcement to arrive?

Planning involves anticipation of possible scenarios and the most effective and fastest way of changing an emergency environment back to normal. Hiring intimidating individuals as security is a thing of the past. Event hosts must now consider the training of the security professionals they hire for public venues.

All venues regardless of size have the potential for being targeted. Adequate security has become a vital part in planning public events and must be considered a priority by the host. The mere thought of an aggressive action on innocent bystanders is unthinkable, however that possibility must be considered including security measures for identifying, isolating, and stopping an active threat.

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