Analyze IT: House of Parliament vehicle attack

Analyze IT: House of Parliament vehicle attack

Officers investigating the scene of a vehicle attack
Photo credit: BBC

(EVENT: AUGUST 2018) Have you considered an active aggressor committing a mass gathering attack using a vehicle rather than a firearm? Vehicles are unassuming and part of our societies make up and structure. How many times have you attended an event and looked-for high-speed avenues of approach which may be used by an attacker and their vehicle? This form of attack has happened more than people realize.

Organizations should consider locations around their building(s) which may be vulnerable to a vehicle attack.  Particularly ingress and egress points comprised of vulnerable materials such as glass easily penetrated through a high-speed approach. This also includes pedestrian walk ways into the facility.

Businesses must conduct thorough facility threat assessments on each building they occupy regardless of lease or ownership by the company. Professional assessments identify vulnerable locations not only inside but especially outside the building’s perimeter. Let APB provide you with a professional and detailed facility assessment for protecting your establishment. Call us today!

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