Analyze IT: Fifth Third Bank

Analyze IT: Fifth Third Bank

Fifth Third Banking Center
Photo credit: Fox 19 News

(EVENT: SEPTEMBER 2018) Setting your organizations security measures to the optimum level rather than utilizing “band aide protocols” to protect the lives of employees needs to be continually on the mind of security directors. Professional security is evolving daily. Directors and security staff must analyze active aggressor tactics and techniques evaluating the actions against their existing safety procedures. The action comparison will expose gaps and vulnerabilities in the current protocols and/or validate adequate measures are in place for the facility.

An active aggressor may plan to use unconventional tools and tactics to maximize ease of access and damage. Simple tactics such as wearing clothing to mimic the surrounding area thus avoiding early detection and developing a rising concern from bystanders is one example. Never assume the attacker is simple minded, plan for the unconventional and set your security based on past actions and studied events.

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