Analyze IT: Christchurch mosque shootings

Analyze IT: Christchurch mosque shootings

Officer patrolling near the
Al Noor Mosque
Photo credit: CNN
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(EVENT MARCH 2019) If I told you that one week from today your house of worship, business, or school would fall victim to an active shooter attack, how would you respond? I’m certain measures would be initiated to close for the day eliminating the possibility of someone’s untimely injury or death. By closing you have developed a strategy for mitigating an attack. Now, I provide you with the same scenario with one difference, no predictable day or time can be given, only that an attack is likely. What is your strategy now for stopping the attacker?

Historically, many active shooter incidents have produced key indicators of violent behavior prior to the attack, but not all are predictable. Are your measures tested and organized for the unthinkable emergency? Are you prepared?

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