Analyze IT: Capital Gazette

Analyze IT: Capital Gazette

Capital Gazette active shooter
Photo credit: CNN

(EVENT: JUNE 2018) Taking a threat lightly or assuming a risk has lapsed over time is a grave mistake. Not all grievances are time sensitive. Holistic security places preventive measures to stop a violent encounter before it can to grow. Even then, measures must be taken to examine the possibility of numerous types of aggressive actions taken by the offended party (i.e. mis-information, libel/slander, cyber-attack, criminal mischief, or active shooter).

The key word is PREPARATION. Taking the time to analyze the potential acts of a disgruntle employee, hostile customer, or agitated competitor is a useful approach when planning for the worst, particularly when indicators are present identifying unusual behavior. As well, preparation includes the installation of physical security upgrades for the unpredictable emergency.

A professional and detailed facility threat assessment is PLANNING for the unpredictable emergency. Understanding the proper means to slow and more importantly stop an active aggressor from entering a building with little to no effort. Looking for the indicators and preparing for the unpredictable hazards is a skill set. Let APB train your organization in developing both processes for meeting your agency’s specific security needs.

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