Analyze IT: Borderline Bar and Grill

Analyze IT: Borderline Bar and Grill

Police entering the Borderline Bar and Grill
Photo credit: Fox News

(EVENT: NOVEMBER 2018) Public venues using event security requires a re-evaluation of standards. If you employ a security staff or hire an agency to oversee safety measures are you identifying TRAINING as the single most important aspect of the staff or agencies employment criteria? Simply placing individuals in wind-breaker jackets identifying them in bright bold letters as “SECURITY” is irresponsible and detrimental to your patrons safety.If training is completed by security members does it go beyond physically removing agitated or non-compliant people? Are your security members professionally trained in verbal de-escalation, situational awareness, and “hot box” observation skills.

Criminals seeking to disrupt and destroy the lives of innocent bystanders will find ways to circumvent amateur level security measures. Training is the key for fast reaction methods to protect patrons. Structural design such as the “hot box” method preventing ease of access also increases security reaction.

Security professionals need to prepare for an evolving criminal mind not just for the barroom brawl on a busy weekend. Let APB train your staff to meet professional standards of security.

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Scott O’Brien is the Director of Operations at APB Consulting Solutions. To read his bio click HERE